Tuesday, July 19, 2011


At last!!!! I am all set up in my new studio in the Dominican Republic.  I have a comfortable and cozy place to work on my craft and I finally have a great seamstress that helps me with my designs.  I feel like I am in heaven.  I can work on my designs while somebody works on filling out the orders....its awesome!

Please contact me anytime if you are interested on my work.  I will be more than happy to assist and create something beautiful for yourself or for a great gift.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Diaper Bag Chic!

I am so excited to introduce this new bag...I call it the Diaper Bag Chic!

I needed to add something new to my inventory, that way I can add more spice to my creative spirit.  I hope you like my new addition.  Please, if you want to order, visit my group at http://groups.to/giugiu for more information or contact me at 1-787-308-2112 or email me at aleizan@yahoo.com

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lalaloopsy Girls!

Las primas Lalaloopsies
Originally uploaded by GIUGIUdesigns
My niece Alexa Valentina had her 5th birthday party on Saturday.  The theme was the Lalalopsy dolls that they all love.  This picture shows how beautiful they looked and how happy they were.  It makes me sad that soon we will be moving to another country.  They are so happy when they are together. :-(

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little simple pouch for back to school

Today I was thinking that maybe I should make something for the older girls.  When most moms call me they usually tell me that they wished I had something for their older daughters because of the beautiful fabrics.  Well, today I got the idea of this pouch.  It is easy to make, beautiful and most of all, very useful.  Girls can use it as a pencil case, as a pouch for their personal care stuff, makeup bag, etc.  Even moms can use it too.  The cool thing is that I make them with a nylon lining so that the exterior does not get dirty in case of an ink stain or lipstick.  I think that maybe this will be the beginning of some new ideas to develop.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Many of my customers ask me how to care for the pieces I hand make for them.  I am proud to say that I only use 100% Premium quality cottons and terry cloth.  Caring for these materials is easy but here are a few tips I use to care for my own.

1. Cotton can be easily laundered. It can withstand high temperatures (boiling water does not hurt the fiber).
2. Any good detergent can be used to wash cotton.
3. Chlorine bleach can be used safely on cotton whites. Use color safe bleach on dyed cottons. I prefer to spot treat the pieces with OXY clean.
4. Since cotton fibers are fairly inelastic cotton fabrics may wrinkle easily. And, fabric may need frequent pressing.
5. For longer life of the piece, please line dry.
6. I like to iron burp cloths and bibs to make them look line new.  With cotton a higher temperature setting is needed.

Or visit Tide to crack the code on your pieces.

For any question, please feel free to comment at the bottom or contact me at aleizan@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you need to contact me to place an order, here is my 411:

Annette Leizan  -  1 787 308 2112

or you can email me at:


Please visit the links above (Available fabric #1 & #2) to view the fabrics I have available in stock.  I receive fabrics every week so please check it often, or call me, and I can email you pics that are not shown to help you choose something that suits you better.

I ship internationally and accept payments via Paypal.

Hope to talk to you soon!!!!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Setting up a Linkbar on my blogspot

Memorial day is here and I had to spend the whole day inside because of the rain.  It has been raining the whole week and the kids can't go outside and play...bummer.  I have so much to dooooooooooo and the kids wont let me work.  But today I settled... I let them swim in the pool because I had to work.  I was so excited by the quite time that I embraced it by giving a new look to my blog,  do you like it?

Unfortunately, I have no html experience but I did it!!!!  I just searched the web for the stuff I wanted to do and voila...I did it.  But one thing struck me as odd, I didn't see a linkbar gadget on my blogger.  I was growing dissapointed when I found that one of my favorite bloggers (haptree and me) had a tutorial for this. 

In just a couple of minutes I had my linkbar up and running, so I thought that sharing it with you guys would be only fair.  My kids were happy too because I could hang out with them for a little while.

I hope you enjoy setting it up!

But remember to save your templates before editing, that way you won't lose any information in case you make a mistake.